Dear customers, clients and stakeholders.

Following the global threat of COVID-19, I want to start by wishing you, your family, friends and colleagues all the best of health and to take every measure to stay safe during these tumultuous times.

In January, Pacific Green Technologies started sending COVID-19 updates across the organization. Some staff, notably individuals in China, were the first to be asked to work from home to minimize risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission. Both the spread of the virus and the strategies from local authorities to minimize the spread have varied from country to country. Pacific Green Technologies have followed the guidelines and rules from each country’s local authorities, and every office is now working from home. COVID-19 is something we are taking very seriously.

During these unprecedented times, we here at Pacific Green Technologies are all available through different communication tools, and available for video calls using Teams / WeChat / Facetime as a method of staying in touch and keeping a close communication globally on projects, enquiries, market opportunities, support and other press-related questions. In these isolated times we believe in staying in touch regularly and feel video calls are a much stronger medium than a phone call.

During this period of self-isolation, our business efforts will still be at the same level as always and our support for our geographically diverse customer base will remain uninterrupted. We will continue to provide outstanding 24/7 customer support.

During this challenging period, we encourage you all to join us in protecting the health and safety of your family and those you have interaction with. This includes: 

  • Washing your hands regularly as described in past alerts
  • Avoid large groups 
  • Avoid hand greetings
  • Keep social distancing
  • Monitor government and reliable medical sources for daily updates
  • Stay calm, be patient and understand we are all in this together

Enquiries about our marine products are accessible through our global sales office at +47 469 51 442 and For all other questions please call us at +1 (302) 601 4659 or

Stay safe, and best regards,

Scott Poulter
Chairman & Chief Executive

Pacific Green Technologies Inc.

Publish date: 26 March, 2020