Innovative emission control start‑up to broad spectrum facilitator of renewable energy solutions

Company History

A track record of providing the expertise to address the world's demand for cleaner air and more sustainable energy

Since entering the marine sector in 2016 Pacific Green has dedicated itself to creating a cleaner environment for our children. The company has grown from an emissions control start- up to a broad spectrum facilitator in the new wave of renewable energy solutions, specialising in marine emission reduction technology and energy storage systems.

Game Changing Scrubber Technology /

In 2016 Pacific Green installed its first marine exhaust gas scrubber and would go on from there to build up almost a quarter of a billion dollar order book in 2019. Pacific Green has installed and has in operation over 125 marine scrubbers fitted with their patented TurboHead technology.

In order to create economies of scale, in 2017 Pacific Green established a Joint Venture Agreement with PowerChina SPEM, a subsidiary of PowerChina, the largest power plant equipment manufacturer in China.

Expanding Horizons

In 2018 Pacific Green acquired Engin and following this acquisition, Pacific Green opened four new divisions in Marine, Water, Solar and Energy Storage, subsequently hiring senior management in each division to position itself as an industry leader around the world in renewable technologies.

expanding horizons to encompass multiple sectors
scrubber manufacturing process

Concentrated Solar

With the acquisition of Engin, Pacific Green achieved competitive advantages in several renewable energy technologies by being able to provide large scale manufacture and fabrication for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) making them potentially one of the largest players in this space worldwide.

This enabled Pacific Green to offer two different CSP technologies and develop this technology for Hydrogen and Ammonia production, having the capabilities to provide consultancy, engineering and manufacturing of multiple solar projects worldwide with multiple reference plants in China including a 100MW molten salt power plant in Dunhang.

Clean Energy & Storage

In 2021 the strategic partnership with Shanghai Electric as battery partner allowed battery technology supply, both to Pacific Green projects and third parties.

The Pacific Green team has been involved with large scale solar car parking and EV charging as well as CSP Hydrogen and Ammonia production projects

In 2021 Pacific Green obtained an Exclusive Agreement to supply over 1.1GWh of battery based energy storage in the UK.

In 2022 Work began on the first 100MWh stage at Richborough in Kent for completion in 2023 and site work for the 375MWh Sheaf Energy Park, at the same location was underway, with 4 other UK sites projected for 2028 completion and 2 sites in origination for Australia.

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