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Pacific Green are delivering some of the necessary changes that will be required over the coming years as the world faces a trend towards Net Zero.

By developing and maximising return from renewable energy, energy storage systems and emission control technologies, Pacific Green is helping to address the world’s demand for cleaner and more sustainable energy.

By organically acquiring the best technologies, supply chains and expertise, the company has grown from an innovative emission control start-up to become a progressive and experienced broad spectrum facilitator of the new wave of renewable energy solutions.

Company history

Strategy & Objectives

Source global clients, utilize technical expertise, build strong relationships

The company's strategy is to both market to and work with clients globally, to either license or purchase renewable technologies and energy storage assets. The Pacific Green Technologies Group also utilizes its technical expertise and an industrial supply chain to develop and market its own assets.

We believe our objectives are best served by building strong relationships with global companies and chosen territories.

We have in place powerful relationships to position Pacific Green as a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of renewable energy and storage technologies.

To that end, to date Pacific Green has developed Strategic Framework Agreements with Shanghai Electric, Sinopec Star, a JV with Amkest and we also have a strong JV partnership with PowerChina, one of the world's largest EPC's.

Future /

Solving the Energy Equation

Pacific Green's expansion into Battery Energy Storage (BESS) has given it the capabilities to pursue this rapidly growing multi-billion Dollar market and has already entered into an Exclusive Agreement to supply over 1.1GW of UK based energy storage projects. In addition, the company has a further global pipeline of over 1.5 GW in Australia as well as controlling shares in five storage projects in Italy.

The company’s ability to supply and trade electricity is eminently scalable and this capability is expected to rapidly expand to meet increasing demand for stored energy.

Strength /

A Global Powerhouse

The unprecedented JV with PowerChina SPEM offers tremendous benefits to Pacific Green including the following:

  • Manufacturing strength, political, business and strategic connections.
  • Procurement and supply chain optimization, with additional access to factories and supply chain centres, due to the JV and localized relationships.
  • It also offers global battery market intelligence and in depth understanding of market variables in each geographic region.
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