SAN JOSE, CA – October 30th, 2017 - Pacific Green Technologies Inc. (“PGT”)

(OTCQB: PGTK) is pleased to confirm that it has successfully completed its commissioning and emissions testing for its ENVI-Marine™ Exhaust Gas Scrubbing System on UML’s “Westminster” Chemical Tanker.

The Westminster is the first system to be sold to UML by PGT under the agreement signed in December 2016 with an intent for UML to purchase up to ten systems over the following eighteen months.

American Bureau of Shipping’s (“ABS”) technical surveyor was in constant attendance to monitor and certify the emissions output on the ENVI-Marine™ System’s performance on the UML Westminster. The tests were based upon a series of emissions tests using the Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) onboard the ship at various operational speeds from “Dead Slow’ through to ‘Navigation Full’ with the ENVI-Marine System operating both in ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ modes to monitor the emissions measurement at each speed.

PGT is very pleased to announce that the emission results on the ENVI-Marine™ were between zero sulfur detectable up to a maximum of SO2 ppm/CO2% of 0.21 for Navigate Full in Open Mode which is equivalent to an oil sulfur content of 0.005% which is 5% of the allowable limit.

PGT is also very pleased to announce that in Closed Mode at the various speeds the ENVI-Marine™ performance was between SO2 ppm/CO2% of 0.06 and SO2 ppm/CO2 of 0.6 which is equivalent to an oil sulfur content of 0.015% which is 15% of the allowable limit.

Regulations for SECA are at a maximum sulfur emission of SO2 ppm/CO2% of 4.3 (which is equivalent to an oil sulfur content of 0.1%).

The ENVI-Marine™ performance on UML’s Westminster is a substantially better than the maximum emissions limits regulation for both SECA and IMO 2020 Regulations in either “Open or Closed Modes”.

International Maritime Organisation (“IMO”) maximum emissions limits internationally from 1st January 2020 are a maximum sulfur emission of SO2 ppm /CO2 ppm of 21.5 which is equivalent to a fuel oil with sulphur content of 0.5%.

The system was manufactured by PGT’s Joint Venture partner, Chinese Government owned POWERCHINA SPEM, in one of its leading manufacturing companies in Shanghai supervised by PGT’s engineering team and installed in Bestiktas shipyard in Turkey.

Dr Neil Carmichael, Chief Executive of PGT and Chairman of Pacific Green Marine Technologies Ltd, commented:

“This is another huge milestone in the company’s history with PGT proving its patented technology in the marine sector as the shipping industry prepares for the IMO regulations to take force worldwide in just over two years.”

Scott Poulter, Executive Director of PGT added:

“The ENVI-Marine™ is perfectly suited to be retrofitted onto existing ships and coupled with PowerChina SPEM’s unrivalled production capacity, PGT is uniquely positioned to become the market leader in the marine exhaust scrubbing industry.”

Publish date: 30 October, 2017