Pacific Green Technologies, Inc. (“PGT”) (OTCQB:PGTK) is very pleased to confirm that following its successful installation and commencement of operation in January 2017 of the ENVI-Clean™ System on the 93MW power plant at the Yancheng Lianxin Steel Company the system has substantially exceeded the performance criteria of PGT’s contractual obligations with POWERCHINA SPEM and the client.

The performance obligation is that the ENVI-Clean™ will reduce the plant's SO2 emissions to levels less than 35 mg/m3 and particulate levels to less than 5 mg/m3.

The system has gone far beyond this by consistently removing SO2 to levels with an average range of 6 to 7 mg/m3. Initial particulate records from the Continuous Emissions Monitoring System show emissions down to 1 mg/m3.

The ENVI-Clean™ System has been installed on the 93 MWe powerplant at the Lianxin Steel Company’s plant in near the city of Yancheng in the Chinese province of Jiangsu by PGT as its first project through the Chinese Joint Venture with POWERCHINA SPEM.

PGT’s engineering team has completed an operator training program and have handed over daily operations to the Lianxin Steel team who are now running the ENVI-Clean™ System on a full-time basis.

“We are very pleased that we have exceeded the expectations of both our client and Joint Venture partner (POWERCHINA SPEM) at this commercial installation. Based upon these results it is clear that our partnership now has the potential to establish the ENVI-CleanTM System as the market leader in the emissions control industry in China and throughout Asia.” said Alex Shead, PGT’s CEO for Asia.

PGT’s CEO Neil Carmichael added, “This is another big milestone for the PGT Group and it shows real team spirit working with our partners POWERCHINA SPEM to design, engineer and install the system and now its performance confirms the system’s credibility in this market. We anticipate substantial growth as POWERCHINA SPEM use the Yancheng plant as a high quality reference in the China market”

Publish date: 22 March, 2017