Pacific Green Solar Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Green Technologies Inc (OTCQB: PGTK), today announced the appointment of Sammy Liu as Business Development Director.

Liu will lead marketing and business development for Pacific Green Solar Technologies in China, which is already one of the world’s top five markets for concentrated solar power (CSP) and is expected to be one of the top three hotspots for the technology over the coming decade.

Pacific Green Solar Technologies already has a strong track record of CSP technology and project development in China, having developed, designed and engineered three utility-scale reference plants with a combined capacity of 160MW.

Liu, who holds a MSc in Physical Geography from Nanjing University, is an acknowledged expert on the market.

He has worked in the industry for the last six years and previously served as analyst, senior product manager and consultant for Shanghai-based CSP Focus, one of the sector’s top business intelligence platforms.

Liu said: “I am delighted to be joining the Pacific Green team at such an exciting time for CSP in China. The country has recently announced one of the world’s most ambitious decarbonization programs and our tried-and-tested CSP technology could play a key part in achieving that vision.”

Liu’s appointment comes as Pacific Green is ramping up its commercialization of CSP technology worldwide. Pacific Green’s CSP plants are equipped with thermal energy storage and are thus able to provide round-the-clock, fully dispatchable power, unlike wind or solar PV.

In October, Pacific Green named CSP industry veteran Xavier Lara as Senior Vice President for Concentrated Solar Power. “China is without doubt one of the most promising markets in the world for CSP, and there are few people who know that market better than Sammy Liu,” Lara said.

Publish date: 21 December, 2020