Scorpio Bulkers Inc. (“Scorpio Bulkers”) has confirmed that it has ordered a further 9 ENVI-Marine™ emission control systems (the “Systems”) for vessels it owns or manages in 2020, at a combined cost of USD$13.0m. The order is on top of the 28 Systems already ordered by Scorpio Bulkers, as announced in December 2018. The Systems that are being fitted are a ‘hybrid ready’ design, which allows them to be upgraded to a ‘closed loop’ configuration at a future date.

Pacific Green Technologies Executive Director Scott Poulter said:

“This is a further vote of confidence in Pacific Green’s Technologies and our ability to build and marine scrubbers on time and on budget. Scorpio Bulkers has invested in the latest generation of fuel-efficient vessels and the hybrid-ready ENVI-Marine™ system will give the company the return-on-investment and flexibility it needs to face the complexities of IMO 2020.”

Pacific Green Technologies has the scale and manufacturing ability to deliver large orders thanks to its partnership with PowerChina SPEM. PowerChina is one of the world’s largest engineering procurement construction companies with 2018 revenues of $59.93 billion.

“We are one of the few marine scrubbing companies with the scale to fulfil major orders. We now have an order book in excess of USD$200m and the technical know-how, the people and the facilities to manufacture our Systems on a large scale,” added Scott Poulter.

The ENVI-Marine™ system is a new generation of scrubbing technology with no moving parts. Using a patented TurboHead™ process, flue gases are quenched and cleaned by frothing through pure seawater and then discharged as harmless salts.

ENVI-Marine™ systems are fully flexible and can be supplied as open loop, open loop hybrid-ready and full hybrid systems capable of both open and closed mode operation. For vessels running heavy fuel oil, this system offers industry-leading ROI and will clean the exhaust to international emission standards and beyond into the future.

Publish date: 11 July, 2019