A big thank you to our HR Director, Tanja Gullestrup for her recent part in the Succession Planning within the global shipping inductry webinar - hosted by Ship Management International. You can watch it below. 

The webinar discusses the importance of succession to the global shipping industry and examines the challenges and opportunities facing the industry as it embarks on this journey. What commitments need to be made; what are the game changers, and what can the industry do to ensure it can attract the right people in to grow profitably and sustainably?



Clare Pike, VP Human Resources & CSR, Bureau Veritas

Torsten Holst Pedersen, COO Seasan Corp

Guy Platten, Secretary-General International Chamber of Shipping

Martin Bennell, MD Faststream

Michael Elwert, Senior Advisor and Member of the Governance Board of the new CBS ‘Blue’ Board Leadership Programme

Capt. Kuba Szymanski, Secretary-General InterManager

Tanja Gullestrup,  HR Director Pacific Green Technologies Group

Raal Harris, Chief Creative Officer, Ocean Technologies Group

Moderated by Sean Moloney, Managing Director,
Elaborate Communications

Publish date: 07 November, 2022