We are pleased to announce that we have received the first batch of battery energy storage and power conversion system units for the Richborough Energy Park site.

As of today we have 24 of 58 battery energy storage and power conversion system containers placed, with the final batch expected to be onsite by the 5th December.

Instalcom is unloading and siting the large containers as they arrive, ready for pulling in and connecting the many kilometres of cross-site cabling.

The delivery follows a period of detailed design during which our teams have worked seamlessly in a virtual environment across international boundaries and time zones.

We have been supported by our colleagues in the Pacific Green Shanghai office, who conducted quality assurance and witnessed the factory acceptance testing.

We are also delighted to welcome to the UK Fan Mingfeng, Liu Dawei, Huang Nan and Xu Mingming from Shanghai Electric and Gotion High-tech (SEG), our manufacturing partner for the energy storage system.

SEG's support of the project is commendable and is exemplified by their commitment to attending the UK despite ongoing travel challenges stemming from the persistent COVID situation.

The team will remain in the UK to work with Pacific Green and our construction partner Instalcom as we progress through the remaining installation phases and onto the crucial commissioning phase of the project.

All components have now passed the factory acceptance testing. There are four shipping consignments the first of which has landed at port in the UK.

The next phase of the project will see Instalcom working on installing power and communication cables between the containers, while also continuing to build the foundations for the medium-voltage equipment to connect to the National Grid.

"Pacific Green is delighted with the timely arrival of our first energy storage and power conversion system containers,” said Rory Elston, head of operations for Pacific Green Energy Storage (UK) Ltd.

“It has been a pleasure to witness an intense design process culminating in the seamless delivery and unloading of the first units,” he said.

“This marks a major milestone in the first of many projects for Pacific Green and is a testament to the professionalism and work ethic of our global team."

We are now approximately 30% towards completion of the project, and as we head into the more interesting phases of installation and comissioning we will be communicating further updates as they happen.

Publish date: 02 November, 2022